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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Essentials is a brand-new technology series designed specifically for teachers to infuse digital technologies into the classroom and to empower students with the technology skills necessary for success in their academic and career endeavors.

The ICT Essentials suite consists of 10 courses in digital technologies. Each ICT Essentials course:

  • Is aligned to Common Core technology-oriented standards and NAEP standards for Information and Communication Technology.
  • Can be implemented as a stand-alone course or integrated into any lesson, regardless of subject.
  • Can be taken in any order.
  • Culminates in students earning a Digital Tool Certificate for the technology.


ICT Essentials courses:

  • ICT Computing Essentials — Fundamentals of computing, including computer system components, their functions and interactions; basic network concepts; connectivity methods; storage; memory; and input and output devices.
  • ICT Web Design Essentials — Design and creation of basic websites, including webpage elements, page layout, use of color, graphical user interface (GUI) tools, integration of multimedia, HTML coding, navigation, and site publishing.
  • ICT CyberSecurity Essentials — Challenges and solutions related to cybersecurity, including Internet and social media safety, cyber-ethics, and network vulnerabilities and threats. Also includes topics especially relevant to middle school and high school students, such as cyberbullying, best practices, and risk mitigation for young or new users of communication media.
  • ICT Word Processing Essentials — Word processing and document manipulation, including document creation and design, layout and formatting, fonts, styles, images, tables, numbered and bulleted lists, pagination, and document publishing.
  • ICT Database Essentials — Fundamentals of using relational databases, including row and field structure, data types, tables, queries, data import/export mechanisms, and basic Structured Query Language (SQL) statements for managing and manipulating data and creating reports.
  • ICT Communications Essentials — Fundamentals of effective communication in a technological society, including information search methodologies, e-mail clients, SMS text messaging, Skype, wikis and social media.
  • ICT Programming & Logic Essentials — Basics of programming languages, including Boolean concepts, algorithms, logic, program structure, pseudo-code, iterative statements and syntax rules.
  • ICT Multimedia Essentials — Design and creation of digital slide presentations, including formatting basics, slide transitions, animation, timing, titles, and integration of images, graphics, audio, video and other compatible files.
  • ICT Spreadsheet Essentials — Fundamentals of spreadsheet applications, including layout; text entry and formatting; numeric, currency and percentage values; cell value editing and manipulation; common spreadsheet functions; arithmetic formulas; conditional formatting; chart creation; and data protection.
  • ICT Gaming Essentials — Fundamentals of interactive computer game creation, including design process, criteria and constraint identification, content research, storyboard creation, program flow modeling, program code creation, and result evaluation and modification practices.