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CIW Online



CIW Online offers the tools you need to obtain the IT job-role skills required to master today's technology-driven world. Our goal is to help you get CIW-certified so you can prove to employers that you have the knowledge they need.

All CIW Online offerings are developed by CIW and mapped to CIW objectives to ensure that you learn essential, cutting-edge skills that can be applied daily in your job.

At CIW Online, you have access to a variety of tools to supplement the Official CIW Courseware, including:

  • Activities – Check your knowledge of course material with interactive exercises.
  • Flash cards – Reinforce course material with review and practice.
  • Course review quizzes – Assess your progress with lesson review and course review quizzes.

Join the CIW Community
The Certified CIW community is 95,000 professionals strong and growing every day! We invite you to become CIW certified, and join employers and professionals worldwide who recognize the value of IT job-role certification.

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